Burundi, uccise tre suore italiane: “Violentate, una decapitata”


Descrizione: People stand on September 8, 2014 outside the convent in Bujumbura, where three elderly Italian nuns were raped and murdered in twin attacks on September 7 and earlier in the day. Italian authorities named the first two killed as Olga Raschietti, 83, and Lucia Pulici, 75, both Roman Catholic nuns. But in the early hours of September 8, another nun in the same convent was killed, her body beaten and head hacked off. Colleagues named her as Bernadette Boggia, aged 79. AFP PHOTO / Esdras Ndikumana (Photo credit should read Esdras Ndikumana/AFP/Getty Images)

Crediti immagine: AFP/Getty Images

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