H7N9, il virus che spaventa il mondo: ecco come si trasmette


Descrizione: Opposition lawmakers (L-R ) Huang Wen-ling, Lin Shih-chia and Hsu Chung-hsin from the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) speak during a press conference calling on the government to ban Chinese tourists in Taipei on April 25, 2013. International experts probing China's deadly H7N9 bird flu virus said on April 24 it was "one of the most lethal influenza viruses" seen so far as Taiwan reported the first case outside the mainland. The banner at back reads "enhance disease control with Chinese tourists as an H7N9 case is confirmed in Taiwan !". AFP PHOTO / Sam Yeh (Photo credit should read SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images)

Crediti immagine: AFP/Getty Images - © 2013 AFP

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